How to decorate the house for Christmas?


In order for the party atmosphere to take over your home, it is essential to invest in a good Christmas decoration. Imagine how you would like to see your house decorated. Afterwards, search item by item to find out what fits in your pocket, as there are several types of items, ranging from simple and cheap decoration to the most expensive ones.

Either option will put your home in a Christmas mood. The intention is to leave the home cozy and cheerful to welcome your guests. That way, every room in the house can get a Christmas touch. Let’s look at some examples below.

Christmas decoration for outdoor area

Decorating the facade of the house is really cool, as it brings the Christmas atmosphere to the streets, enchanting everyone who passes by. So invest well in lighting, artificial foliage and red bows.

For the entrance to the house, bet on very colorful garlands with the colors that translate Christmas, invest in traditional LED flashing lights and innovate with a different floor decoration on your balcony – this can be done with stickers or larger decorative objects  . You will definitely make an impact and a good impression on your guests.

For more daring Christmas arrangements, such as lighting the entire outside area of ​​the house, it is essential to enlist the help of experts, as you could end up hurting yourself trying to reach heights to place the lights. To avoid this nuisance, use a  service application to help you.

Christmas decoration for indoor area

As for the interior of the property, there are endless options of items. Therefore, it is essential to define the style and colors that will stand out. The Christmas tree is the center of attention at the time and, for that reason, it is interesting that it is the first to be decorated.

Pictures on the wall with images reminiscent of Christmas also leave the house in the mood. But remember, cleaning the house before starting the decoration is fundamental, both for the highlight of the Christmas pieces, and for the organization itself.

For the dining table, what cannot be missing is the harmony between the objects that make up the supper. In this way, invest in red tablecloths or in another tone that recalls Christmas or that matches the decor of the house. You can bet on cutlery and plates that are colored, white or decorated with Christmas designs. If you’re looking to save money, buy just the towel and use the ones you have.

You can also decorate the bathroom with hand towels decorated with a Christmas theme and also with scented candles. In the bedrooms, you can use red and green bedding or decorated with Christmas designs. Again, candles are a great option and can be used in any setting.

How to make Christmas ornaments without spending almost anything?

To have a beautiful Christmas decoration, you don’t have to spend loads of money — a lot can be done by yourself. In this case, it takes a lot of creativity to make original ornaments that value the main Christmas symbols.

For this, it is necessary to put into practice their craft and recycling techniques. Now let’s see some suggestions for simple and easy-to-make handmade Christmas decorations.

Candle with cinnamon stick

For this ornament you will need:

  • candle;
  • glass;
  • Cinnamon sticks;
  • green satin ribbon.

Assembly: just place the candle inside the glass cup and surround it with the cinnamon stick. To finish, pass the ribbon all over the cup and make a pretty bow.

Glass bottles with flasher

Many simple and inexpensive ideas can be put into practice to create Christmas lighting , such as these glass bottles with blinkers. In this case, you will need to reuse glass bottles and then just place colored blinker lights inside them. This decoration is top notch.

Pine cone ornament to decorate the Christmas tree

The pine cone is a typical Christmas ornament, so it should always be present in this decoration. In addition to being a beautiful ornament for the pine tree, it can also compose arrangements and garlands. To make the ornament even more beautiful, you can put white glue on its tips and then pour brocal or glitter over them.

Christmas balls decorated with retail

Don’t you want a different decoration this year? So, take advantage of the polka dots you used the year before and decorate them with patchwork. Provide fabric cutouts in red and white and use them to cover the polka dots. You won’t need to do any sewing, after all, just make a little bundle and tie it with a ribbon bow.

Santa hat on tray

The cone, used to wind the string, can become a Santa Claus and thus appear in the beautiful decoration to be prepared. You just need to cover the cone with red paper, make the details of the hat with cotton and add a black paper belt in the middle of the piece. Then place the ornament on a tray with Christmas baubles.

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