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Homesteading for Beginners and Basics

Homesteading for beginners involves learning essential skills such as gardening, animal care, and food preservation to become more self-sufficient and sustainable. Basic homesteading includes planning and managing land, growing food, and creating a self-reliant lifestyle through resourcefulness and practical knowledge.

Raising Livestock

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Meet the author

Welcome! I’m Nichole!

I’m a born and bred Illinoisan with a severe passion for homesteading. From knowing what homesteading means to me, to herbs, homemade dessert, sustainability, and holidays, I love nothing more than spending time on the farm and creating delicious meals for my friends and family.

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Learning all about having Herbs + Garden

Growing herbs in your garden can enhance your cooking with fresh flavors and provide natural remedies for various ailments. A well-planned herb garden requires understanding the specific needs of each plant, such as sunlight, soil type, and watering schedules, to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Garden Season

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Healthy and Easy Recipes for Your Family

Developing kitchen skills involves mastering basic techniques such as chopping, sautéing, and seasoning, which form the foundation for creating various dishes. Following recipes helps build confidence and understanding of flavor combinations, eventually allowing for creativity and improvisation in cooking.

Food Preservation

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Meal Planning

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This weeks picks

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Get my delicious apple pie recipe

To get my delicious apple pie recipe, start with a mix of sweet and tart apples, ensuring a balanced flavor. Use a homemade buttery crust for the perfect flaky texture that complements the juicy apple filling. Add a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg to the apple mixture for a warm, aromatic spice that enhances the pie’s taste.

Non-Toxic + Sustainable Living at Home

Non-toxic and sustainable living uses eco-friendly products and practices that minimize environmental and human health harm. Embracing this lifestyle involves reducing waste, conserving resources, and choosing natural, biodegradable, and responsibly sourced materials.

Favorite DIY Bath + Body Recipes

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Get My Natural Cleaning Guide

Learn the basics of creating non-toxic cleaning supplies, including choosing which ingredients to use (and those to avoid), adding essential oils for an extra cleaning boost, DIY natural cleaning recipes, recipe cards, and more!

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Entertaining for the holidays

Entertaining for the holidays involves creating a warm and festive atmosphere with thoughtful decorations, delicious meals, and engaging activities for guests. Planning and incorporating personal touches can make holiday gatherings memorable and stress-free for hosts and guests.

Fall Favorites

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