12 Tips To Save On Christmas


With the proximity of Christmas, some expenses of this period also arrive and the best attitude to take is to organize the finances so as not to start the next year in the red. In this way, there are general tips that we can follow when buying gifts or organizing supper, as well as guidelines for each type of Christmas purchase. That’s why We separated a selection with 12 incredible tips to save A LOT on Christmas .

1. Set your budget

The first step before buying gifts or even deciding on the supper menu is to define the budget. For this, consider your financial planning and observe the amount available to be used with Christmas shopping. By setting a specific budget for your financial profile, you have more control over spending and don’t run the risk of getting into debt.

2. Use your credit card sparingly

A credit card is a great tool to increase your purchasing power, as it allows you to pay for a larger purchase that exceeds your budget, for example. However, it is necessary to think about the value of the installments and whether the purchase will be advantageous in the long term. Remember that credit card interest rates are high and you should do your best not to get into debt.

3. Make a shopping list

Once your budget is defined, you can create a shopping list based on it. List the types of gifts to buy, in addition to the grocery shopping list. With a well-crafted list, it’s easier to meet the goals and buy only what’s on it, without distractions and expenses that don’t know in the budget.

4. Do your shopping in advance

Prices tend to rise sharply as Christmas approaches. It is at this time that irresistible promotions arise, after all, marketing works with everything to make you buy as much as possible. The time limit also becomes a pressure factor and under these conditions you end up making bad shopping choices. Therefore, try to make purchases as far in advance as possible and avoid a scenario of pressure and high prices.

5. Search and compare prices

To save money, you need to spend some time. Do not hesitate to visit various shops, websites and supermarkets. You will be surprised how the same product can have so much difference in price between one store and another.

How to Save on Christmas Gifts

The tips above are for buying Christmas gifts, but below we bring specific tips for these purchases. Knowing who you are going to give as a gift, in addition to setting your budget, makes all the difference in your pocket. Before you go shopping, be sure to check it out.

6. Don’t just go shopping

The mall might seem like the ideal place to do all your shopping at once. After all, there is a wide variety of stores, at various prices, and the environment is comfortable: all of this is designed to make you spend more. So, don’t let the mall be your only option for shopping. Go to alternative malls, high street stores and do a lot of research on the internet to save time.

7. List the gifts

When making your Christmas gift shopping list, also include who will be receiving the gift. That way you don’t run the risk of forgetting anyone and include the key people for whom you will buy a souvenir on this date. Knowing how many people you’re going to gift to helps you set a budget and know what types of gifts you’re going to give.

8. Leave the kids at home

If there is a way to leave the children at home during this period, avoid taking them shopping. Children are more sensitive to compulsive buying stimuli and will certainly make you spend beyond what was foreseen in the budget. But if your children are older, starting at age 10 is a great opportunity to teach them about financial education.

9. Take advantage of January offers

Is there any way to leave some gifts for later? If you’re not going to see the person who received the gift anytime soon, a great way to save money is to shop until January. With trade in lesser flow, there are many promotions in this period and it is a great chance to buy with a lot of savings.

Christmas dinner: know how to save

Finally, we have some tips to make Christmas dinner fit in your pocket. First of all, you need to know how many people are going to attend and thus define your budget based on the number of guests. Check out more tips.

10. Define the menu in advance

With the number of guests in hand, set the menu well in advance, so you have more time to shop. Non-perishable items can be purchased in advance, both to save time on the eve of supper and to guarantee good prices.

By defining the menu, you can also perform more economical substitutions. The traditional Christmas turkey can be replaced by roast pork or even a fish like hake, which is cheaper. Having more options for salads, vegetables and side dishes such as farofa and mayonnaise also helps to save on meat.

11. Buy wholesale

Once you have your menu, you can save a lot on wholesale purchases, especially with drinks. Non-perishable products that can be stored at home for a longer time can be purchased well in advance in wholesale. Even so, there are several stores to visit and compare prices, if possible also use this tip to guarantee the best price.

12. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

The traditional fruit table is a classic at Christmas for families. In addition to replacing a table with desserts, you also save a lot, especially if you invest in seasonal fruits. 

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