5 tips to transform your home decor


There is nothing more pleasurable than arriving after a day at work and falling even more in love with your home decor . This is an important detail that certainly makes all the difference in your routine! 

Whether with small decorative items or refined coatings, one thing is certain: the decor of all rooms in the home directly impacts feelings of comfort and well-being in everyday life. 

If you want to redesign the look of your home, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Check out this little guide we put together and get inspired by the tips. 

1. Start with the walls and coverings 

When it comes to completely renovating your home decor, start with the main thing: the walls and coverings. Before painting or breaking any corner of your home, it’s important to keep in mind what decorative style you want. 

If your look is more classic or minimalist, wallpapers in lighter tones guarantee an elegant decoration for your new home . However, if you prefer a more modern or industrial decor, opt for coatings in dark tones, reminiscent of exposed brick or marble. 

Another tip is to invest in paintings to decorate the double bedroom , the entrance hall or the living room. The truth is that these articles are excellent possibilities for when you are not going to renovate, but want to upgrade the decor. 

2. Invest in quality textiles

One more tip to improve the appearance of the room is to invest in quality textiles, patterned or plain, thick or thin, that fill the room. What matters is ensuring an elegant and welcoming space. 

So, the choice of fabrics to compose your home needs to match the types of home decor . Lighter drapes fill the room with grace, while dark rugs add strength and character. 

Remember that, in this case, it is necessary to consider all the textiles present in the room: from pillow covers, rugs, curtains in the living room, bed linen and footboards in the bedroom to the towels that are part of the decorative items for the bathroom .

3. Choose quality furniture

Among the various home decor ideas , there is one that certainly makes a total difference in the final result: the furniture. In addition to giving that new, elegant or casual makeover to the environment, the raw material for these articles reveals a lot about the residents of the house. 

That’s because, if you prefer a more rustic home decor, wooden furniture is perfect and will last a lifetime. For clean places , excellent quality white furniture or even natural stone design are welcome. 

When choosing, remember to opt for furniture with excellent functionality for your day to day. Prefer those that add beauty to housekeeping, but help in the organization and in the family’s daily life. 

4. Bet on cozy lighting

In addition to furniture and walls in your favorite colors, ambient lighting can give your home decor a new tone. That’s because it fulfills the function of a decoration object for a bedroom or living room. 

If you want a bolder design for the living room, office or bedroom, bet on stylish table lamps. The sconces look beautiful in the hallways and in the entrance hall. Pendants, on the other hand, add extra charm to the dining table and children’s or couple’s room. 

If you love very bright environments, prefer LED lamps with whiter and colder lights. However, if you like a cozy space more, bet on those with more yellowish and warm tones. 

5. Pay attention to details

After knowing all the tips, it’s time to choose the decoration items for the living room and the other rooms. They are the ones who give the final touch to the décor, add sophistication and give your home a new lease of life.

For this, bet on decorative and aromatic candles, cozy pillow covers, bombonieres , vases, small sculptures and picture frames with photos of the residents of the house. 

This goes for the bathroom , where you can bet on kits with soap holders, trays and much more. Believe me: these are the details that transform the mood of your home in an enchanting way. 

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