Encouraging a Love of the Outdoors Through Gardening

I grew up loving the outdoors, as a child I used to practically live in tree in our yard. My dad built me a treehouse it was perfect for me to play in and get away.  Whether I was watching the clouds pass me by or stuck with my nose in a book, that tree opened the doors to let my imagination run wild!

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I’m pretty sure my love for everything in nature was spawned by all the time I spent with my dad outside growing up.  I remember riding along with him to fix fence, spending days on the lake fishing, and bearing the cold and snow to scout coyote or deer.

I’m a believer that we all need our own unique connection to nature in order to appreciate it.  We all have our own story and our own memories that sparked our love for the outdoors, if we had the chance to interact with it on a deep, personal level.

As a new gardener myself and a lover of the natural world, I recognize the impact gardening can have on younger generations in creating that personal connection to the outdoors.  May this article encourage you to get outside with your little ones and start that love for the outdoors by getting in the garden together.

Encouraging a love of the outdoors through gardening

Gardening is both exciting and useful, especially for those of you who want to involve your kids in it. This joint activity comes with many benefits, although you may not be able to recognize them at first. Luckily, I’m here to help.
It’s very important for you and your children to spend as much time outside as you can. As an adult, I’m sure you find it quite easy to recognize the need and go out for a bit of fresh air and an hour of gardening. 
But children sometimes need a bit of guidance. So, whether you already have a garden space or you’re thinking of starting out, I’m here to give you some incredible gardening tips. Get your little ones outside and do some planting together! They will value the newly-acquired perspective, and you will love spending some quality time with them.
Here are some of the best ways to help your children discover how to find love for the outdoors.

Learn as you grow – and grow with your children!

Let’s be honest; almost everyone can enjoy spending some time in their garden. This is a fun activity that includes nature, sunshine, colors, adventure, and learning, too! Besides having so much fun, children can also learn some new things, such as what is gardening, and how to start an outdoor garden.

Developing some new skills is important, and if you’re thinking about involving your kids in the process, don’t think twice! Here are all of the things they’ll learn:

  • They will discover the blessing of being active and how to do something productive, fun, and good for the environment.
  • Also, this will give them a sense of responsibility. Providing the plants with the best care possible is important, and it’s a great method to teach them what responsibility really means. 
  • Loving nature through discovery. Allow them to go on little adventures in the garden by themselves and give them the safe environment they need. Let them learn about plants in their special way that involves the weather, the science behind plants, nutrition, the environment, and more.
  • Children want to be creative. Show them how exciting it can be to grow your own food and keep them entertained. As long as you’re willing to engage with them, they’ll appreciate it and look for more.
  • Learn. As I already mentioned, the child needs to grow and learn. Giving them some small goals to achieve will help them discover new information and is a great way to teach them something new.

Keep them interested

Gardening for children can be an interesting activity if you know how to approach it the right way. If you’re already thinking about creating an outdoor garden and involving your children, here are a few things to consider.
  • Give them space and give them only a few rules. Keep the instructions simple and easy to remember, and make them as fun as possible.
  • If they have a few friends, you can even invite them to have a little planting party!
  • Provide them with the proper tools. Depending on the child’s age, give them appropriate tools to handle.
  • Encourage them, help them, and push them forward. Young children like to play in the dirt, so let them know that it is okay to dig, but monitor them while they do that.
  • Provide interesting plants and help them grow your own food from scratch.
  • An interesting point in the entire experience may even be building a scarecrow from scratch. This is an interesting pastime activity, and your children will love it.

Keep them safe

Naturally, you need to ensure that your kids are always safe, including while in the garden. There are a few measures you can take to secure the environment, such as:
  • Make sure that the sprays and the fertilizers are out of reach. If you are on the fence about using any chemicals, I strongly advise you to go the natural way and forget about chemicals overall.
  • Secure all the gates and fences. After all, you are dealing with children and don’t know what they might do next. Create a safe and secure area for them, so you don’t have to constantly worry whether they’ll storm out of your backyard. 
  • On those warm summer days, get a big umbrella or provide an alternative thick shade. Your kids can be very fragile and must always be tended to, so keep them away from the hot sun. Also, apply some sunscreen before you let them out to play in the garden.
  • If you have toddlers, never leave around large buckets of water. Give them a smaller, appropriate bottle and let them try watering the plants with it.

How to find love for the outdoors?

It’s truly so simple. No matter what age your children are, you can answer what is gardening, how to properly do it, and create a lovely atmosphere for all.
Think about the age. Whether you’re dealing with a teenager or a toddler, all of them have different expectations once they step on the site. If you have younger children, remember that you must supervise them constantly, so don’t leave them unattended. On the other hand, bigger children can understand the responsibility behind running a successful garden and even take on some larger tasks. Give them the freedom and the tools they need, and watch them thrive. 
Gardening can be a blessing for everyone in the family if appropriately utilized. So make sure you have all the right tools for it, and step outside your comfort zone with your little ones. 
I truly hope I’ve given you enough information on how to start an outdoor garden so that you can begin planning immediately. Plus, it will be a fun activity for the whole family!

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  • How do you garden with your children or the little ones in your life?
  • What other ways can we engage kids in the outdoors today?

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