Everything for you to enjoy an incredible Carnival at home


With the holiday approaching, you must be wondering: how to enjoy Carnival at home ? It may not seem like it, but there are several possibilities to rest or enjoy all the revelry without leaving the comfort and warmth of your home.

Anyone who thinks that there are many restrictions when it comes to taking advantage of recess days and setting up a real Carnival ball at home is wrong. In a small gathering of friends, with the whole family or at a real party, you can enjoy this moment to the fullest.

If you want to know how to enjoy an incredible Carnival at home, but still haven’t decided whether you prefer revelry or rest, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this guide that we’ve prepared especially for you to put on a real party and experience all the revelry you deserve.

Enjoy the holiday to enjoy the comfort of your home

With yet another Carnival in the pandemic , many people may prefer to rest, take care of themselves and have fun with the people closest to their family nucleus. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved break in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re thinking of resting, take advantage of the comfort of your room to enjoy Carnival at home in the company of lots of pillows. You can also prioritize a moment of self-care and catch up on skincare, for example. Listen to a playlist, spray your favorite aroma in the environment and enjoy this moment a lot!

If you choose to update that list of movies or books, take the chance to set up a much more intimate movie theater at home. Fill the environment with pillows and blankets (if necessary). Set aside some snacks for movie time. Drinks are also very welcome!

Why not have a Carnival party at home by the pool? Take advantage of sunny and warm days to prepare a pool party with lots of light food, refreshing drinks and music.

How to set up a Carnival ball at home?

If your desire is to prepare a complete party, start by thinking about the decorations for Carnival at home . For this, bet on many colors and brightness. Choose fun accessories to complement your chosen theme and create amazing ambiances in the living room, on the porch or by the pool.

The ideal is to leave the whole house in tune for this lively energy to infect all the guests! To help in this regard, Carnival songs count for a lot. Some apps already provide a ready-made playlist, but you can also choose the best ones from the last few years to animate.

Remember that the decoration of the table and Carnival drinks also need to be in tune with the rest of the environment. Napkins, cutlery, bowls, cups and bowls wrapped in colored ribbons add charm and fun to your table in just the right measure.

If you want to bet on some drinks for your Carnival at home, invest in the traditional caipirinhas and margaritas. You can also make some trending drinks available to your guests, such as the Moscow Mule. If your Carnival ball at home is more intimate, let everyone make their own drink.

Choosing the Perfect Costume for Carnival at Home

After choosing everything, it’s time to think about how to make a Carnival costume at home . In addition to the confetti and serpentine present in the space, your look needs to be stunning.

To rock like a true reveler, invest in a complete look with a make-up that suits you. In addition to color, joy, fun and practicality, you need a lot of comfort to enjoy every moment of your own party.

The best part of the Carnival look is that there are no rules. Gather items you have around the house, such as ribbons, glitter, and other materials, to create a unique version of what you want to wear. This also applies to children’s costumes! If it is possible and not risky, let them participate in the activity.

Plus, for the perfect home Carnival, add some feathers, whistles, hair accessories, funny masks and extra costumes for you, your family and other guests, ensuring moments of pure fun!

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