How to Be a Semi-Rural Homesteader

Homesteading is a wonderful way to make the most out of your house while being self-reliant, greatly benefiting the environment. People often tend to realize that homesteading is more of a mindset than anything else, meaning you should be able to do it in almost any setting.

What I would like to show you today is that you can incorporate this practice anywhere you want. In this series, I have talked about how to turn your apartment and your suburban backyard into functional modern homesteads. For those who want to take it to the next level, it is time to start thinking about becoming a semi-rural homesteader.

What is a semi-rural homesteader?

A semi-rural homesteader is a person that has more space than an average city lot but not more than a big chunk of land in the country. All you need is a few acres outside the city which you have easy access to. Switching to this particular lifestyle can be one of the most exciting things you can do. As long as you have a neighbor and a small piece of land, you are all set!

If you are now asking yourself how to make this happen, think about it – you have a piece of land; what more can you hope for? This opens up a realm of possibilities for you to explore the likes of homesteading. But, before you begin, there is one thing you need to check, and that is your local regulations and zoning laws. Once you know what you can (or are allowed to) do, you can jump with both feet to the next stage.

Can you become one?

Becoming a modern homesteader is becoming more common by the minute, mainly due to the growing popularity of being self-reliant. More and more people realize the benefits of this lifestyle, where going back to the basics sounds appealing and ultimately poses a challenge – the good kind! So, if you are wondering if you can do this by yourself, the answer is – absolutely!

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are; you can easily become a semi-rural homesteader. You can live in the city and still be a part of the rural community! Turning to this lifestyle and creating social diversity is key to sustainable living. So, if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and turn to an alternative way of living, you got all the support from me! I have even created a small guide to help you create some wonders. Stay tuned and discover how you can plunge into this world!

Semi-rural homesteading guide

Some might consider this a guide, others a list filled with tips. Either way, this is something that I have prepared upon gathering information for all those who want to begin their homesteading experience. Some of the things you can do with your small piece of land are included below.

1.       Think about the daily activities – the first rule of the semi-rural homesteading guide involves being aware of all the daily activities that you can do on the land. If these activities bring you joy and happiness, then being a homesteader is definitely the job for you. Caring for herbs, crops, and maybe even livestock takes time, energy, and dedication. Sometimes, the tasks can be very big and quite challenging. They can be physically demanding and time-consuming. But, on a more positive note, a friend, partner, a relative – anyone can help you, so you don’t bear the difficulties of homesteading. Also, you literally get to reap the benefits as well, so that is another plus!

2.       Setting realistic goals – as much as this sounds like a page from a self-help book, making some honest and achievable goals for yourself is crucial. This is how you can learn to embrace your limits and push them with every coming season. Sit down and figure out your goals – if you want to live off-grid or partially on-grid, do you want to have fruit trees or maybe focus on livestock? These questions are important if you even want to consider getting to the next stage.

3.       Your living situation – after you have dealt with some of the more serious questions, you need to consider your living situation. Do you want to live where your property will be, or do you want to remain wherever you are situated (a town, city, etc.)? Making a full-time job out of homesteading requires dedication, and if this is something you cannot dedicate to because you live in the city, it might be time to let that chapter of your life go. A side note here – when you ask yourself what is a semi-rural homesteader, try to push its limits, but not yours. After all, you want to avoid stretching yourself too thin and quitting after a year or so.

4.       Budget – another critical aspect for any semi-rural homesteader is budget. This especially goes for all those who want to quit their steady jobs to dedicate themselves to homesteading. Generally, you should not put all your “eggs in one basket” and save something for the future. Even if this means buying a smaller piece of land, it is the smart choice.

5.       Baby steps – once you begin, you should refrain from overworking yourself. Building your dream farm or garden might take a lot of time, so take baby steps. Secure your future one step at a time. The journey is a long road filled with challenges, each harder than the next, resulting in even more delightful outcomes. Start with some simple herbs and vegetables, maybe a few fruits, and work your way up.

Preserving the environment and focusing on living a more fulfilling life are important. Many benefits come with this lifestyle, and they all include putting a big smile on your face. By simplifying your lifestyle one step at a time, you become the ultimate semi-rural homesteader. Once you start putting in the hard work and the effort, you will soon reap the results – and will be extremely happy about it!

If you liked this post, there is more where that came from! Join in and share your opinion on this subject, I would love to hear from you!

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