How to be an Apartment Homesteader

Becoming more self-sufficient is an excellent way to start taking care of the environment. This lovely concept has started being a priority for many people, myself included. I, for one, have abided by the rules of homesteading for some time now, and it has been a great experience! While most people find it challenging initially, anyone could easily do it.

In the past, I’ve talked about the idea of being a modern-day homesteader, no matter where you may live, and in more recent years so many different aspects of the homesteading lifestyle are being practiced everywhere (I couldn’t be more excited).  An apartment, the middle of suburbia, a couple of acres on the outskirts of town; there are options for every type of living situation.

This mini-series will explain options on How to be a (Suburban or Urban) HomesteaderHow to Be a (Semi-Rural) Homesteader, and of course, this post on how to be an apartment homesteader

But what if you are living in an apartment? The concrete jungle has a way of trapping us the same way it has the power of liberating us. Well, have no fear! Living in an apartment should not stop you on your way to homesteading. I am unpacking the subject of being an apartment homesteader, and if you are interested in becoming one, here is how you can make that happen!

What is apartment homesteading?

It is all about getting creative in a limited space and supplies. Everyone has a different idea of what this might look like, but in reality, it is a process where you try to be as self-sufficient as possible in the comfort of your home.

Apartment homesteading starts with the smallest of steps, be it making your bread or composting. Growing herbs or small plants on a windowsill in your apartment is a good example too. Having a particular knack for being an apartment homesteader will take you places, and suddenly your urban home will start getting a fresh new look.

The most important aspect of it all is that you are lowering your carbon footprint. Ultimately, it is an action that helps you contribute to a better and healthier world and saves you some money. If you find this idea appealing, stick around, as this is just the beginning – there are a million ways to make homesteading happen!

How to apartment homestead?

Living in an apartment might not seem like it could fit the idea of leading a sustainable lifestyle, but it is possible. Before you begin, switch your mindset. Think of apartment homesteading as a lifestyle rather than something you can only achieve if you live off the grid.

Asking yourself how to apartment homestead means you should stick to the laws of flexibility. There are many starting points, so do a little research into what you can do at the very beginning and then see if you can fit that into your apartment. It goes without saying that organization is key.

Homesteading means you should have several goals set and try to achieve them. Now, some activities may be more challenging than others, which you will experience setbacks or failure. The important thing is not to give up – pay attention to your mistakes and try again. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you need to let perfection go. Nature is intended to be wild and free, so being an apartment homesteader means you should be as wild as a river and as free as the wind.

Take a look at the apartment homesteading guide and note the tips I have added – you will find them incredibly useful!

Apartment homesteading guide

Here is to all those people who are living in apartments! Create wonders from your urban environment and enjoy some of the best activities. Try some of these ways to make your home a little more sustainable and reap the results!

  • Grow some herbs – they can be potted herbs, or you can even make your own small fruits/vegetable garden. This is a perfect option for all those who have the luxury of a sunny kitchen window or a large and sunny terrace. It is enough to get you started, and you will feel grateful for being able to grow some food for yourself! Before you start, however, check whether the soil is acceptable per your local bylaws.
  • Make soap – an easy one for those who want to create natural toiletries and cosmetics. You can learn how to make them all in the comfort of your own home and reduce the need to go buy them in a store. On top of it all, since you know all the ingredients, you will not expose yourself and your family to the harmful chemicals that come with a store-bought soap/cleaner.
  • Air-dry your clothes – if you have not tried this so far, maybe it is time to try it! An important part of how to apartment homestead is to ensure you use electricity only when you have to. So, instead of investing in a dryer, save some money on the costs by air-drying the clothes. Bonus – in the summer, this will keep the temperature in your apartment on the cooler side.
  • Compost – as I mentioned earlier, composting is a great starting point for those wishing to become apartment homesteaders. Depending on your current living situation, you might already have a green bin in your building – which is excellent! But, if you don’t have one, you can easily add it to your kitchen. There are multiple ways you can utilize the compost without throwing it away. You can make your own fertilizer that makes up for magnificent plant food. Giving your plants some precious nutrients while preserving the environment – what a feeling, right? Finally, by including it in your home-grown herbs and plants, you can almost taste your success!

Apartment homesteading tips

  1. Try growing edible flowers! Not only will you add a pop of color to your balcony, but you will have some incredible decorations for your cupcakes and cakes!
  2. Sprouts in a jar is a viable option too! Yes, microgreens are popular, but sprouts have never really left the scene. Take some seeds, rinse them, and leave them in a jar as they turn to sprouts. You can add them to salads or sandwiches.
  3. Growing your herbs means you can make your infused oils. Use these infused oils to enrich your bath, cure a cold, get rid of a headache, enjoy a massage, and help you deal with sleepless nights.

This is only a handful of all the things you can enjoy once you start becoming an apartment homesteader. If you were on the fence about it until now, I hope today has made a difference, and you will start making a difference yourself! Help yourself to some of the other useful posts on the blog, and share your opinions below!

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